Heather Soto

Restaurant Consultant - Food & Beverage Product Consultant - Startup Advisor - Former Michelin Guides Restaurant Inspector - Professional Chef - MBA



After years of tasting and critiquing dishes from the world’s best chefs, Heather applies her finely-tuned palate and aptitude for flavor analytics to food and restaurant consulting projects. She joins the consulting world after working for over a decade as a Senior Inspector for the world-renowned Michelin Restaurant & Hotel Guides. Prior to becoming a food critic, Heather trained professionally at the Culinary Institute of America and worked as both a pastry chef and executive chef. She holds an MBA degree with a focus on International Hospitality Management from both Cornell University and ESSEC Business School.


Consulting Services

Customized consulting for restaurants, food-service operations, early-stage startups, and established food / beverage companies. Use the contact form to discuss specific consulting needs. Examples of services:

Menu Analysis - detailed feedback on every dish 

What dishes are the strongest on the menu and why? How can weaker dishes be improved? Where does the overall menu rate on both a local and global scale?

Flavor Analysis - detailed feedback on food products

Is your food product or product line as good as it can be? How can it be improved? How does it compare to competitors in the market?

Mystery Guest - detailed feedback from a customer perspective

How does a restaurant or food service establishment perform for an anonymous mystery guest? Get detailed feedback on every aspect from the space and service to the food and beverage offerings.



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